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BugRem, our magic tool to manage your screenshots

Written by , October 26, 2017 in Uncategorized

BugRem, our magic tool to manage your screenshots

BugRem is a modern tool and very useful for all those who need to know the simultaneous reactions of their customers.

It is true that several web browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox are continually looking to develop new plug-in that will be effective tools to manage all the web features but the installation of such plug-in is not always obvious especially for people who are not very familiar with the computer world.

The advantage of the Bugrem tool is that it does not require any pre-installation. Simply register with its email address and a password to take advantage of its features.

Its usefulness is mainly in the management of the screenshots taken by the customers. We have developed this solution in such a way that the client can make personalized screenshots with the option to add comments below the screenshot.

Through his feedback, you can easily identify the problems the customer is encountering.

We have designed this powerful user feedback tool to help website owners around the world to increase conversion rates for their sites:

* You will get different useful information about your visitors installed operating system as well as about the advanced system settings set up on the customer’s PC.

* BugRem is also able to identify the advanced settings of the screen display like resolution, brightness level.

* A detailed report on the web browsers installed as well as the plug-in corresponding to each of them.

* We can provide you with accurate information about your customer’s language, exact geographic location.

The benefits of BugRem do not stop here, you can also retrieve a detailed report on Ajax and JavaScript errors caused by browsers before BugRem begins to perform its task.

If you have concerns about the speed of loading your web pages, you do not have to worry if you will opt for our solution BugRem because it is a lightweight tool whose size does not exceed a few kilobytes.

After registering with an email and a password, it will be time for you to add a small JavaScript snippet and so you will benefit from our product during a trial period after which we are certain that you will move to the paid solution.

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