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Site feedback tool

Written by , March 29, 2018 in Uncategorized

Bugrem is the most helpful site feedback tool on the market at this moment. With this tool you can get lot of precious feedback from your website visitors.

Bugrem, what does it offer?

Bugrem has prepared components for every type of professional use and you can also engage for feedback. Another great thing is that Bugrem is taking good care of modern and new UI/UX that every user will like and work with easily. The tool has perfectly crafted buttons for engaging, ready to use in every moment, and also perfect forms. If you are in a situation that you have to make some specific changes on Bugrem you can just ask or also do it by yourself. You have various options, one of them is Screenshot feedback and you can also Draw and Annotate. Very useful thing about Bugrem is that you can receive your website page screenshots along with your feedback. For the users also Bugrem makes everything easy and accessible by giving you the option to mark the area of your website you need information about and so you can leave more precise questions.

As site say “Spend less time understanding and do more improvements” With this tool this is definitely true, you can easily say that the tool gives you the right set of tools to do your work and improve your webpage. Bugrem also provides the best feedback managing and you can also set status and priority where you want and need. All of these tools are just the part of what makes Bugrem great. You can collect feedback yes, but you can also able to manage your feedback by various of categories, filters, tagging and all of that give you the option to prioritize the feedback that requires your immediate actions. Bugrem is great with security also, the tool can catch errors and bugs automatically, meaning that you do not have to worry about losing your users because of the crashes or errors because Bugrem monitors and collects errors automatically.

So, the best thing about Bugrem is that feedback collection with it is easy, it gives you all that you need to grow your business and not to worry about errors and bugs, and it allows every visitor that come to you to leave their user feedback, their opinions and suggestions and also leave bug reports with screenshots from every browser with no need to use plugins, every visitor can use the best product features.

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