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Quick Start Guide

Written by , December 4, 2017 in Business

We truly believe that the number one thing in business is customer satisfaction. To achieve this we need to listen what our clients are saying to us. But dealing with thousands of customers and listening each of them can be really hard. That’s why, we have created BugRem – user feedback tool, which will help you increase site conversion and overall customer satisfaction.

BugRem is just a tiny snippet of JavaScript code which attaches to your web-page and allows you collect user feedback and organize it into convenient test reports.  In order to do that, you need to have an access to your source code and desire to bring the best experience for your clients.  So are you ready for the good times? Then, please, keep on reading.

Step 1

As you probably have already guessed first you have to register. Our registration process is as easy as it could be and takes just a few seconds.  After you have registered please add your first website to dashboard.

Step 2

After adding a website BugRem really starts to appear as customer feedback tool, with clear intention to help. Now, under widget menu you will see something like:

<script type="text/javascript">
var bugme_options = {
api_key: YOUR_API_KEY

window.logs = [];
var oldLog = console.log;
window.onerror = function (msg, url, lineNo, columnNo, error) {
var obj = {
message : msg,
url : url,
lineNo : lineNo,
columnNo : columnNo,
error : error
var node = document.createElement("script");
node.setAttribute("type", "text/javascript");
node.setAttribute("src", "");

Copy that code snippet and insert it just before the closing </head> tag. Just don’t forget to replace it with your own API_KEY. If you did that – congratulations, you have successfully installed BugRem on your website.  Now, whenever a user wants to share an opinion about your site, he will have an easy opportunity to do that. Along with the text feedback, he can attach a page screenshot or even highlight some specific parts on the webpage.  All this information will be displayed on your BugRem dashboard and you will be notified about receiving new feedback via email instantly. But, that’s not all. Please, read on.

By the way, if you want to invoke the feedback widget by using your own UI element, you can simply use this code:


Step 3

Probably each business uses some tracking/management tool for organizing issues within the company. That’s why along with our dashboard we added an ability to integrate with other 3rd-party tools. It works like this – after you have configured an integration, BugRem not only will notify you about a new feedback  via email, but also will create a ticket in selected 3rd-party application(Trello, Jira, etc).

Here is some instructions how to do that:

Trello – you will be asked for granting permission by your Trello account. Don’t be worry, we will not be able to see your password or any other private information.  After granting permission BugRem will fetch your Trello boards and lists, so you can select into which one you want to place your captured feedbacks.

Jira – you need to put your website url(e.g. and then provide your login and password. Worried about a security? Don’t be, we are using https protocol which keeps traffic safe and encrypted and protects your credentials as its own baby.  After you have connected Jira account, we will fetch your projects and existing issue type – and suggest you under which one you want to save captured feedback.

In each integration there is a summary field – this is just a prefix for your tickets. You can leave it empty – in that case issue summary would look like –

BugRem Issue Wed Nov 22 2017 21:28:10.

Step 4

Well, that’s an end of BugRem setup and a beginning of a new page of your customer communication. Watch your email, monitor an integration you have tuned and prepare to deliver the best product value to the clients. Because here at BugRem we believe that opinion truly matters.

P.S. We are still working on improving our product because we are really passionate about delivering the best user experience for our customers. A lot of features are on the way. If you wish to request some feature (e.g. an integration which is not mentioned in the list above) or simply share your opinion of our product, please do not hesitate to contact us:

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