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Get feedback on your site

Written by , April 6, 2018 in Uncategorized

Get feedback on your site

For the online business owners there is constant need of improving their site and attracting more buyers.  All is in the eye of the buyers. Your site must be well arranged and bug and error free for the buyer, so he can enjoy every product you offer. Some of the best and most productive ways for getting to this level is through collecting positive feedback. Well let’s start from explaining why user feedback is important and how to get it properly. User feedback is vital way for your customers to basically tell you what is not good about your website and give you an opportunity to fix it. Also with some tools and a little attention to details you can create your site bug and error free before your next customer enters in your site.

get feedback on your site

If your website is well arranged and fully functional for every need the buyers have you will be successful and create loyal customers, and that is very important for every business. With better feedback come better sales, and positive comments on your site. If people talk about your website in a positive way you will attract more and more customers. As a salesman you must provide nice and easy to use site where everyone can get what they came for and more. So if you want to make your customers happy and get your sales rate to the sky you must concentrate getting good feedback.

So how to get feedback on your site?

When it comes to how to get feedback on your site with bugrem tool, well the explanation is easy, it is the best way there is.

Bugrem is multi-functional tool for feedback collection and repairing bugs and errors on your website. Bugrem offers a lot of different ways of feedback collecting. Some ways include that you can use perfect and easy buttons and forms for engaging and make every specific change you want on your site very easy. One of the best parts about this tool is that your feedback comes with screenshot that every browser can open and you can Draw and Annotate after that. Bugrem tool offers and provides the best feedback managing and the option to prioritize the feedback that requires your actions immediately. You must be wondering how all of this is packed in one tool, what is the bad side? Well there is no bad sides. As for feedback collecting and repairing errors and bugs this tool does it all and with quality and ease too. As for security this tool is great also.

Bugrem can catch errors and bugs automatically and prevent any user loss because of any crashes or errors. Bugrem is constantly monitoring your site and collecting errors in every moment. Another good side of this tool is that Bugrem offers you the option to manage your feedback by categories, filters, tagging and that can make feedback collecting very easy for you and it can allow you to concentrate on every detail. As we said already the best feedback is the one that you can collect and fix, so whit this tool your customers can help you in that goal. Every customer with bugrem can leave their opinions and suggestions with their bug reports through screenshots without need to use any additional plugins.

The conclusion is very clear, Bugrem is amazing and most efficient feedback tool out there. Best security and various options you get with this tool can give you the best experience in keeping your site clean and functional on the biggest level and also allow your customers to enjoy on the bug and crash free site. Bugrem improves your business website and works as your virtual assistant all in one. So it is the full package. If you want more specific explanation about how bugrem works you can visit the step by step guide and see how exactly this tool works.




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