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BugRem User Feedback Tool

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At BugRem we offer a web tool that is effectively incorporated into your site and enables your clients to submit  bug reports from any browser, with no requirement for modules/plugins to slow down your site.

We give a user feedback tool that provides lot of useful information:

  • Browser and Operating System Details
  • Full User Agent String
  • Screen size and determination
  • Installed Browser Plugins
  • Users dialect and geo-area
  • The Javascript log (which is the course taken by the client to get to your site.

Our feedback tool gives an enhancing website administration which expels the bother from gathering real user feedback and they include:


Our tool captures this data and permits the clients to send criticism/feedback and bug reports by means of screen capture, BugRem likewise empowers the clients to add remarks and features to the screenshots and shroud any delicate data they aren’t happy with giving.

With BugRem’s astute screenshot engine, the screenshot you get will coordinate what the client presenting the input report saw precisely, including any browser specific rendering issues.

Lightweight – Less Than 8kb

We perceive at BugRem that speed is essential with regards to your site and something slowing down your site is the last thing you need.

BugRem is carefully built to be little and light weight-with only two documents, totalling a gigantic 5.7kb-by our group of architects and we give an innovation that doesn’t simply depend on the offbeat stacking of external scripts given by most modern browsers.

Javascript Request And Error Log

The log of JavaScript errors and AJAX requests that occur on your site is caught by BugRem, before the input report is submitted. The blunders logged gives crucial data to the troubleshooting of Javascript errors in minified records on your production environment, and will incorporate a full stack trace, the line and section which set off the mistake, and additionally the Javascript document, when accessible.

Works With A Variety Of Tools

With our nonstop devotion to giving an agreeable relationship, our group of architects designed BugRem to incorporate consistently with several 3rd party trackers, bolster work areas and different devices.

BugRem incorporates specifically with the accompanying applications like Trello, Jira and more.

Simple to utilize, easy to install

You can add BugRem to your site by essentially including a little Javascript snippet, once you’ve made your BugRem account and our servers take control of everything else without influencing your site’s heap speed.

Start increasing your site conversion rate today!

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