Did you know that you need only 1 right feedback to make unicorn product?

Automated Screenshot

Allow users to draw and annotate

Receive Feedbacks together with website page screenshots, collected javascript and html errors, details about user client like browser, operating system etc. Additionally, user are able to mark area of your website and leave more precise questions. Spend less time understanding and do more improvements.

Nice looking forms and components

Engage for feedback

We are taking care of fresh and modern UI/UX that your users will definitely like. Perfect looking forms and crafted engaging buttons are ready to use. Need some specific changes? Do it by yourself with ease or just send us a message with requirements.

Advanced Dashboard

Track and measure your bug reports/feedbacks and progress

Feedback management

Set Status and Priority

Collecting feedback is just part of the solution. Being able to manage your feedback by tagging, categorising and filtering will allow you to quickly prioritise feedback requiring your immediate attention.

Website Errors

Catch bugs automatically

Website errors may be cause of user loss or crashes. In order to prevent possible issues BugRem will monitor and collect website errors automatically.


Get instantly notified when you receive new feedback by email, or chat (Hangouts, Slack, HipChat). Turn on notifications for new feedback, new comments, feedback assigned to you and more.


BugRem is integrated with the most popular bug tracking and project management tools to ensure all feedback that requires action can be managed with your existing processes. See a product missing? Leave us some feedback and we'll see what we can do.